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June E Hudspeth

Thanks so much Pixey!


This sure is a complicated machine, but I vow to conquer it (laugh).


OMG, I sure wish mine did come with a DVD!  But, alas, no it did not.  I found a you tube on threading, but they don’t speak in English (big smile).


We shall persevere!


Thanks again!




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My mom also has the 1200D and has really liked hers.   The only thing that mom found a bit tedious on hers was going back and forth between the basic edge serging and cover lock stitch...which she sometimes needed on the same project.  For this reason, I bought the 1100D (which is pretty much the 1200D without coverlock) and a separate 1000CPX Coverlock machine that sits next to it.


Though I typically like my 1100D, I have to admit that I have found that it can be a little aggressive if working with a lighter weight fabric.  The other day I was doing a project with some lightweight nylon and it was giving me a little trouble so I pulled my older 644D lighter weight backup basic serger out of the closet and found it worked better for that fabric than the 1100D.


Did yours come with a DVD that had a video with tips on use and shows how to thread it?  I ask because there is one bit of the upper looper threading path that I intuitively do backwards and then gnash teeth when my thread breaks.  I finally took a picture of it and keep it on my iPad to remind me how it is supposed to go.




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Good Evening:

Hi to: Cheryl of Saskatoon 

I saw in a msg earlier today that you have a Janome Serger 1200D.  Are you happy with it?  Do you know of any good resources to provide help?  I've spent countless hours and found next to nothing on You Tube or the internet.  I signed up for a basic serger class from Craftsy and other than that, nothing.  Manual is OK, but not much wording.  I sure wish there was a workbook, just like they have with the 15000 Janome Sewing Machine.

Thanks for any info.


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