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It’s a new thing but will be less intimidating as you use it. It’s easy to feel we might break them by using them when we aren’t familiar with them, and even more so as the price goes up,  but we can’t get familiar if we don’t use them. 

I went very slowly with mine. Well, that’s a My hubby had cut out pieces to make a bag and the minute the box arrived, he set up the machine and presented me with the (ahem) ‘opportunity’ to serge those pieces to make his bag...first time in my life (I was over 60) that I ever touched a serger...but no The bag came out fine, thanks to an elaborate, ‘button pusher’ serger...and maybe a little because I have been sewing since I was a toddler except while my kids’ schedules did not permit.  My hubby had done the same thing when I got my first embroidery machine ever...sounds

After that, I took my learning process very slowly. 

I tried to take a serger class, but the instructor didn’t know my machine so wouldn’t let me into the class. I didn’t care if she knew my machine...I just wanted to sit, listen, absorb, then go home, grab my book, and fiddle. I wanted to learn the ‘when to use which stitch’ and ‘which stitch not to use for what’ but they wouldn’t let me have a seat in the class for that...even though I was willing to travel 70 miles for it. Lol. I knew sergers, regardless of brand, do similar’s basically just the ‘levers and switches’ that are different between machines...but there is more to it than the machine, too. 

That is really super you have a serger club nearby. Not sure how much help I’d be but you’re welcome to contact me ‘offline’ if you feel the need...even if you just need to ‘scream’

You will get there...just ‘strap in and enjoy the ride’ and remember you can just walk away when you can’t think about it will wait patiently for your return. 

- Cat

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Hi Cat:


It just overwhelms me; so I’m doing a Craftsy serger video and was just looking for more “help/assistance” with operating this machine.


But, as Cheryl & another person said; I need to be patient and take my time to learn this machine. 


I’ve also joined a Serger Club; they meet monthly; but I’m so intimidated; because I’m truly slow. 


However, I’m not a quitter and I will “conquer” (big smile).


Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June (Sac)


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I am not familiar with the Janome 1200D.  But, I took a quick look at the Janome 1200D User Manual, and I noticed that it looks A LOT like the Pfaff 4874 Creative...which I have...the mechanisms, I mean.


I was told several years ago by a Janome employee that Janome bought the tech and the company that made the Pfaff 4874.  Hmmm...


What kind of trouble are you having with the 1200D? 


- Cat (FL)







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