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Cat - N

Very interesting, Cheryl.  I wasn't told anything about the 1200D.  The Janome Rep. that told me about Pfaff and the Janome purchase of that Pfaff tech had worked for the company that was purchased.  I regret not asking the name of the company, but might not have been told anyway...which was why I didn't bother to ask at the time.  My Pfaff was made in Japan, by the way.  I have wondered many times why Janome bought the tech if not to use it in a serger of their own brand, but had not seen a serger that was built on the Pfaff tech yet...not until the discussion of the 1200D.  Fascinating...

I don't know anything about the "LuLu Lemon" stitch, and only finding "lululemon" in seaarches on the internet as an athleticwear company...but the seams I have seen in "lululemon" garments (so far) are "3-needle cover hem (Program 03)" in my Pfaff serger, and shown in the manual, of course.  To create that stitch, you need to be able to use 3 needles at one time.  A lot of sergers are only capable of using 2 needles, but the 1200d shows the same needle positions (5 needle positions, but only 3 needles at once) as my Pfaff 4874...which can absolutely use 3 needles at the same time.  I will continue looking...very curious now...want to see the stitch and if the Pfaff has does so much.

I was just literally blown away when I started looking through that 1200D manual...and found myself looking at a 'skimpy' revision of my Pfaff manual.

The 144-page Pfaff manual, with lots of color photos, is at:

Instructions start on page 59 (4-1).

- Cat (FL)

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