Re: Janome 1200D Serger

Cheryl Paul

Hi June,

Yes, I did have the 1200D Serger, but it and I NEVER did get along well, so I sold it for less than ½ of what I paid for it and bought the AT2000 and I LOVE THAT MACHINE,  It doesn't have the Cover Hem capability, but the air threading is wonderful.  I have a Cover Hem 2000, that sits right beside it on built in sewing cupboard - a long desk like space that used to go around a corner, but now is a straight wall unit and not nearly long enough but the room can't accommodate more anyway, so I make do.  

I do have to clarify that the 1200D is not a bad serger, it somehow just didn't feel right for me and had way to many settings that were very badly explained in the manual.  That manual and many other "serger" manuals are not at all well written, hence needing multiple lessons at the dealers or taking many, many classes to learn "extras" that aren't just regular serging.  Also the set up for CoverHem was tedious to say the least.  I bought it so that I could sew using the "LuLu Lemon" stitch and that only worked as long as the afternoon class I took at my dealers.  If I could have left it set up with only that stitch, I'd have been fine, but one has other serging to do as well and the settings were fare too complicated, so I just took my losses and moved on.  The lady that bought my 1200D had another and she approached me, so I only had to say that if she would give me 5 brown bills (Canadian dollar coloured bills) it was hers.  She picked it up an hour later.  I really had to hustle to have it ready for her.  

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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