What is this thing?

Kathy Strabel

Hello Janome Group--  Does anyone know what this thing is? The picture is taken of a Skyline 7 model, from the backside of the machine, and with the accessory tray removed. Located just underneath the tip of the pencil in the photo. It has a groove or slot in it, like for a standard screwdriver, not a Phillips head. Just wondering. I do not see this thing pointed out in the manual, nor any information about it.  It is stationary, does not push inwards. I am guessing it has something to do with the construction phase of the machine itself--maybe some sort of fastener to hold everything together?  Or a support for the accessory tray?? I would definitely NOT try to use a tool of any kind on it, but am curious as to its purpose.   Photo attached herein.
Thanks, Kathy S. Camas WA

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