12000 Embroidery Arm Connection

JoAnn Novak

 I have an Elna & a Janome.  I LOVE my Elna, so very happy I bought it.


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On 11/8/2020 4:46 PM, Maree Mercer wrote:
Here in Australia you can buy Elna machines which are actually Janome machines, made in the Janome factory, the only difference being the branding. I lost my much loved Janome 12000 in the Townsville NQ 2019 flood event and have replaced it with an Elna 920, which is EXACTLY the same as the Janome 14000, and love it. It is very similar to the 12000, with just a few more bells and whistles. I can use all my Janome accessories on it. All the menus etc would be very familiar to someone who has used a Janome 12000. The Elna equivalent of the 12000 is the Elna 900. Not sure if you can buy Elnas where you are, but worth looking into. Also, they are thousands of dollars less then the Janome.

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