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Cheryl Alm

Thanks, Cheryl.   My friend and I no longer live close to one another.  She did take the machine to a local dealer.  She really loves her 12000 and is not interested in a learning curve on another model so she is set on finding another 12000.  Since the 12000 is no TOL they are available for online sales, so if she doesn't find one that has been preowned, she may go that route.
Thanks for your input.  The folks in this group are so helpful and kind. 
Cheryl - Ohio - USA  

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Hi Cheryl Alm,
Your friend has the 12000 and the embroidery arm for it is exactly the same as the one used on the 15000.  Those 2 machines also use the same hoops, so if she upgraded the RE hoop would be useful to her on the new machine.  She really should take the machine in to have the dealer look at it.  Perhaps if you live close you could go with her to help with a decision and to see that she isn't feed a "bill of goods" by them.  If they are a good honest people, she shouldn't have a problem, but we know that isn't always what happens in this world we live in.  

I also had a problem with my 12000 and the plug in point on the machine had some crushed holes in it and the pins would not fit, so the attachment would connect.  I had to have that cord replaced and it cost me over $100 USD to have repaired - I'm Canadian and was on holiday in the Arizona when this happened immediately when arriving and setting up my machine.  It took most of the month I was there to get the part, but at least the sewing machine sewed and Mulqueen's help my place in the cue so that I could go to classes and sew.  While there I had a another catastrophe when the upper looper snapped off on my 1200D Serger - that I had fixed when I got back home to Saskatoon - that one warranty covered, so I dodged a bullet there.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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