Re: 12000 Embroidery Arm Connection

Cheryl Alm

Thank you so much for checking on this.  My friend has moved since she purchased her machine and she is working with a different dealer and was fearful that she was being misguided. She is older and not really wanting to learn a new machine especially since she has purchased the RE hoop and other accessories.  I'll let her know what you were able to find out.  Thanks again for your time and thoughtfulness. 

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Subject: Re: [onlinesewing-janome] 12000 Embroidery Arm Connection
I work as a Janome authorized technician.  Yesterday I looked to see if this part was available but it cannot be ordered.  The only way to get it is by removing it from a donor machine.  There isn’t even a part number for it.  Sorry and I hope you find what you need for your friend.


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