Re: Hand look stitch

Cheryl Alm

I have not used it for the hand look stitch, but I’ve used that thread combo for machine appliqué.  I use a Microtex size 60 or 70.  I’m not a fan of even the best brands of monofilament.

On Nov 4, 2020, at 9:58 PM, Carole O'Mara <caroleinco@...> wrote:

I will be quilting using the hand look stitch on the 15000, top, backing and 80/20 batting.  Instead of using monofilament in the top I'm wondering if I can use Invisiline 100 wt in the top with 50wt in the bobbin.  I've used monofilament in the past for the same purpose but do not like working with monofilament.  Has anyone used the 100wt top and 50 wt bobbin?  


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