Re: 12000 Embroidery Arm Connection

Jim Stutsman

The part itself was probably manufactured specifically for Janome by a company in Japan. The cost of creating parts like this is high - engineering, prototyping, molds, etc. On devices like TVs and computers that cost is spread out over hundreds of thousands of devices, so it’s pretty low. High end sewing machines are nowhere near that kind of volume, so the part price will be substantially higher. Say it was $100, just for the sake of argument. It’s a part that almost never fails on its own, so they don’t stock it in the various Janome country offices. That leaves no option except to replace the entire embroidery unit. Even if you could get someone in Japan to source the part, package and air ship it, the cost would be quite high. Your best option might be to try and find a machine that has been damaged beyond repair, and could be cannibalizes for parts. That’s unlikely. I would suggest contacting Janome technical support directly and seeing whether they might be able to do something.

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