Re: Ready to Toss this out the window!!!

Cheryl Paul

Kathy, I don’t think this is a big problem, just some have had the problem - those are the only ones we hear about, not the happy campers. I can say that I haven’t had any issues for a long time and I still have my 15000 which is now 7 years. I haven’t done any heavy duty things like “quilting quilts” I just make the tops for the most part. My Continental M7 which I got a year ago is my “go to” machine and it only popped the hook once and that was because I hadn’t engaged it properly. However, having said that I love the HP2 system and really am unhappy when I have to change it to do decorative stitching - it just works so well, that I sometimes think I just might only ever straight stitch - I love it (HP2 foot that is).

When I was having the issue and this was a while ago, I used to make a habit of checking to see if the hook was still in place. It got to be a habit, one I’m sure I didn’t need to have, but it gave me comfort to know that the hook was where it was suppose to be and place it correctly if it wasn’t. After all your hand might be close just in guiding your fabric that it wouldn’t be a big effort to do that little check every so often. It would definitely help in lowering the frustration level and your blood pressure at the same time.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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