Re: Ready to Toss this out the window!!!

Kathy Strabel

Hello Group---THanks to all who replied with sympathy and suggestions with the hook popping out while I sew with the narrow AccuFeed foot. It is nice to know that others have dealt with this problem. I would think that Janome would come up with a solution for this very frustrating problem but so far I have not heard anything about a fix or a "cure" for it. Looks like we sew-ers just have to adapt. For a while, I was using a piece of Gorilla Tape (extra sticky) across the slot where the hook gets inserted, to hold the hook in. That was somewhat successful, but I think Janome could do much better with this known problem.  I did try the wider, regular AccuFeed foot and it does work better because it has those two additional fabric "grabbers" that advance the fabric from the sides in addition to the larger one that advances the fabric from the middle of the foot. But that wider foot is so "clunky"--for lack of a better word.  THanks again to all who replied, and all those who have been frustrated like I have, with this annoying problem.
Happy Stitching!  Kathy S.

Have a good one!
Kathy Strabel

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