Re: Built in designs on 12000

Anne Stoye

I’ll be taking my 12000 in for repair within the next few days and it may not be worth repairing – I have had my money’s worth and much pleasure from it.  If it is replacement not repair, is there any way I can get the built-in embroidery designs onto my computer so that I can use them on a replacement machine?


I have had the machine for a long time now and I am several computers later from any software that I may have installed at the time of purchase.  Currently running windows 10 and I have Creative Drawings XI.


My instruction book says that I can use the direct PC link to send designs from my laptop to my machine (but does not mention vice versa) and the Horizon Link software it mentions may not work with Windows 10.  I am not very techie on this kind of thing.  I will have a look for the CD Rom and the cable (I am such a hoarder that they won’t be thrown away despite the length of time involved).





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