Re: Hard Drive crashed on IMac - PC?

Lyn Quine

I considered buying a Mac but I would have had to put parallels and windows on it, but I bought a 27” Acer and added lots of memory so that I could run my a Janome software, and it’s so much better and I probably saved around £1K by doing that.  Personally I don’t like MACs husband, and daughters use them, but I have used windows for so many years, (not keen on windows either) but I know my way round it so was easier for me.  Eldest daughter has an older MacBook Pro but once partitioned and w8ndows and software added it was so slow to get started, that she would turn the laptop on before breakfast, then go into parallels and go off and do other things and then it might be ready, so she bought a cheaper windows laptop with 8GB memory and just has it for sewing and embroidery so much better, she’s got her MacBook Pro back to what it was and has the best of both worlds now.  

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