Re: Ready to Toss this out the window!!!

Cheryl Paul

Kathy, I know the frustration of the “hook thing” popping out when stitching with the Acufeed flex foot. There is an “open toe” foot plate for the wide acufeed flex - have you got one. I do but I have the Skyline S9 and a 15000 and it probably was included in the “extras” that come with the 15000 as it is a lot more money to buy. It is definitely worth having and does increase the visibility when stitching using the wide foot - this might help the problem you are having. My thoughts are that the “VD” narrow foot might just be narrow enough that something catches the hook and it pops out - this is just a guess as we haven’t got eyes that see behind the machine as it is sewing to discover what is actually happening back there. I’m not sure that your dealer could tell you what’s going on, unless they’ve had many complaints and discovered what may be “the problem”. There is also a possibility that the hook is loose or not working as it should. Your dealer may let you try a new foot to see if the problem solves itself with a new one to return if it doesn’t. I know that these feet are quite a bit more expensive than the standard feet with that have no frills attached to them ie: the “A” foot. I managed to permanently bend the plastic that the metal clips attach to this “VD” foot and had to buy a whole new foot as they didn’t just sell the ankle, so now I have 2 “soles” for the foot - that’s how I know that the cost is about $70 for the whole mechanism (5 years ago).

Give the wide foot a try and see if that helps - let us know one way or the other on how you make out.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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