Ready to Toss this out the window!!!

Kathy Strabel

Hello Group---  I am speaking about the narrow VD foot (AccuFeed)  that I use on my Skyline 7.  I am doing the quilting on a lap size quilt  with this single-wide foot, not the wide one, and almost every time I cross a seam, the hook pops out of the place that holds the hook/foot in place.  My quilt is ordinary quilting cotton, back and top, with a layer of low loft and not very dense poly batting. In other words, it is not heavy or thick in any way.  I am not hitting any pins, the needle is in tight, ,all my seams are pressed to one side, I have the quilt bunched-up as I stitch to prevent gravity from pulling on it as I sew. I am using a regular poly thread and a sharps needle with a large eye, like a topstitch needle., in size 12.   I have written to this group before about this problem, and someone suggested that I lower the foot pressure---which I do now, every time I stitch, whether I am quilting or regular sewing on a garment or other item.  I plan to ask my dealer if it is possible for them to permanently decrease the default foot pressure  the next time I take it in.  But that does not solve the problem of today. It is Sooooooooo frustrating to have that hook pop off every few minutes. I am not even sewing very fast. maybe about 1/3 of the maximum.   So, does anyone have any suggestions about this--other than the usual 'take it in to the dealer'. ??   I would appreciate any and all comments/suggestions to try before I having to take it in.   Is this a problem with the foot itself, the machine, or a setting I am missing?  The foot appears to be in perfect condition, not nicked, bent or anything, and attaches well to the ankle.  I am giving as much information as I can think of.....   I rarely ever use the wider AccuFeed foot because it is just too wide, hard to see what I am sewing, etc.   The quilt stitching I am doing today is just straight lines, nothing freehand.    Thank you in advance!
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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