Re: Janome 10000

Jim Stutsman

It’s going to be difficult. Direct connection to the machine requires a USB driver. The one provided with Customizer 10000 is for 32-bit Windows. Almost all Windows computers are now 64-bit and Janome did not produce a 64-bit driver. That means you cannot use the USB port on the machine at all, unless you have access to a 32-bit Windows computer. That leaves you with the card slot on the 10000. If you have, or can find, a CompactFlash to ATA adapter, then you can use that to put designs in the machine. You’ll need to be able to write to a CompactFlash card from your computer. Those adapters use drivers that are built into Windows. However anything involving CompactFlash memory cards is hard to come by. It’s the floppy disk of flash storage technology. You may have to look on eBay or CraigsList for compatible devices.

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