Janome 10000

darlene Reese

I recently damaged my embroidery unit for my 15000, so am trying to use my 10000. We all know the programs only work on older laptops, somyquestion is, isthereaby way that I can transfer from a jump drive directly into my machine via the connection that is supposed to be hooked up to the laptop? I have tons of files in the Jef format, but do not know how to get them into the machine, the AcuDesign shows the hoops for the 10,000, but I don’t know if I can transfer. 

I don’t know how long it will take to fix my embroidery unit, as the dealer is only open a few days a week and it is appointment by phone only, and so far he has not answered my calls.
very frustrating.....
thanking you in advance for any responses.

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