CraftSale - Inventory App for Handcrafters


Disclaimer: Jim, I was really struggling if I should post such an article in your forum or not. I don't want to call in any favor - actually you already helped me so much - so don't be shy to discard this post if you find it not appropriate. I would completely understand! All the best!
Dear list,

Apple has just approved my new app "CraftSale" for the App Store, and I'd like to share the news with you: CraftSale is an inventory for articles of (textile) handcrafters, selling on markets or fairs. Articles can be entered with various properties, organized in individual lists, and their stock and sales can be tracked . The app is running on iPhones / iPads with iOS 14 and all data is synched between devices via iCloud.

Although CraftSale is addressing a niché - and was mainly written for my wife selling self-made clothes at fairs - it might be interesting for some of you. The app can the tested for free with max. 20 articles per shop, more items require an In-App purchase.

Enjoy testing CraftSale, and I'd love to have your feedback here in the list, or your rating / review in Apple's App Store!

Greetings, Mattes

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