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Judith Herzog

Hi Anne ,
I never received a code for free trial. I see an offer in Instagram from janome canada that is $899 Canadian. That translates to $672 usd. Is that offer available in USA? Is Canadian version any different from is version?
Many thanks
Judy Murdock

On Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 10:07 PM Anne Hein DE <annhein83@...> wrote:
You can send wirelessly from the software to the 15000, though it is one at a time like the cable I am usually only working with one design. It is quick and I can second a second or third design rather quickly.  They all go to the saved designs on the machine  When I've needed to send multiples designs I can also open horizon link suite, file manager and navigate to my folder of designs and send multiples that way. 

If you have the software have you had a chance to watch any of the built in videos? There are over 60 videos built into the program and the developer adds more each month. Many have found those very useful in getting started. 

A few of the favorite features are PaintStitch, create floral and auto digitize. 

I know Facebook isn't for everyone but we've built a nice community there. There are live tutorials weekly and there have been Saturday classes where you can work along with the educator. Many are finding great success with the program through the interaction with the FB page. There are a range of users from those who have never used software to very experienced users some who have used other software but now prefer AD.  It's quite exciting to see what they are all accomplishing. 

If anyone would like to join the group just to see what's going on you are more than welcome. 
Here is the link for Facebook:

Happy creating
Anne in DE

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