Re: 550e embroidery machine

Kathy Strabel

Hello Tericloth---- Well, if you just got the machine yesterday and it is acting up already, I would ask for a replacement machine. A brand new machine should not be acting up the day after you get it. I suspect your dealer did not take the machine out of the box and give it the once -over before handing it over to you.  A machine that is not right from the get-go could be a lemon----and you want to avoid that, for sure!!  I speak from experience with a machine of a different brand. It had some problem at the very beginning and never worked properly the whole time I had it, which was a short time.Too many trips back and forth to the dealer to "fix" it, even had to be sent to the company's repair depot in another state.  I am happy with my 500e--have had it for almost 2 years, and aside from getting a replacement one before I even took mine home----I saw the salesperson drop the box on a cement floor---I have had no problems.  Good luck, and happy stitching!!
Kathy S.   Camas WA

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