Carole O'Mara

I have the 15000 connected wirelessly to my PC (Win 8).  We had to get a new router to increase speed for our computers.  The PC will not connect to the new router. It shows that the new network exists but does not give me choice to connect--only message is 'disconnect'.  So I have no internet.  The PC is now in the hands of a technician to update to Win 10, thinking that Win 8 is not compatible with new router.  He told me that when he updates to Win 10 it will clear everything off the hard drive and I will have to reinstall Horizon Link Suite.  I have backed up all my designs to thumb drives and tested them on my 15000 and they are all there. 

 In researching re-installing HLS he gets a message that an activation code is needed.  Where do I get an activation code?  Since I have no internet to the PC he will have to install HLS V1, then update to V3.0.  This PC is a dedicated computer for embroidery only and is the only PC we have.  Our other computers are MACs and the new network connected to them immediately.  

Any suggestions as to how to install HLS once update to Win 10 would be appreciated.  
Thank you,
Carole in CO

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