Re: Artistic Digitizer October 2020 free trial

Cheryl Paul

I don't have facebook. My burning question is: How do you send multiple designs at a time through a direct link cable (computer directly to machine). Nothing in videos, google search Janome website or help in program or manual.  Embird is user friendly. Customizer was user friendly. Artisitc Digitizer not so much.


I don't think you can send more than one design at a time to your embroidery machine.  I am very new to Artistic Digitizer and haven't really done anything with it as of yet, but I'm familiar with many others and they only allow one design at a time to go to the machine.  The processor in the sewing/emboidery machine couldn't handle that many things at one time.  You can however, go into edit mode on the embroidery machine and import more than one design, ONE at a time and embroider as one item on your fabric.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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