MBX 4 Issues

Lynnette Johnson

I have had MBX 4 since it came out and mainly do customizing with it, and some simple digitizing. I have always used it on a MAC desktop and a few years ago I started having issues with the screen size and area I'm working on going off in its own direction when moving the cordless Apple mouse and have to try to find it, and also readjust the zoom size I was working with.  It can make the grid size get real small, besides relocating the design somewhere off screen.  I have also tried a plug-in mouse and still have the same problem.  Nine months ago I got a new MAC desktop and still have the same issue.  I'm running Windows XP yet and updated Parallels when I got the new computer.  The other issue is that I have to take out the dongle and put it back in a lot for the computer to recognize it. Anyone have any idea what is going on with this?  I'm seriously thinking of jumping ship to Embrilliance since it is written for the MAC and I don't have to deal with Parallels and Windows anymore.  Any comments on Embrilliance compared to MBX 4 would be appreciated as well.
Thanks, Lynn

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