Re: My Janome 15000 does not read file EMBF file on USB stick

Kathy Strabel

Helene__ I recently had this problem with my MC500e machine. If you are certain that your design is in the correct file (the EMBF folder) on your USB stick, then there is probably something that does not "jive" with your hoop size/design combination. Sometimes the design appears to fit in the hoop, but there may be a few tiny stitches that are just a tad over the limit of the frame. It could also be that you only need to rotate the design in the frame to make it fit .  And apparently Janome has designed their hoops to be slightly different in size than the "standard" ones. I wonder why the machine does not give us a warning message telling us that there is a problem with the hoop size and the design we have chosen instead of just mutely refusing to show the design on the machine's screen.  That is very frustrating when you absolutely KNOW the design is in the EMBF folder, but the machine does not recognize it, and simply does not show it.  Are you listening, Janome engineers????  Good luck and happy stitching.   Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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