Re: Artistic Digitizer October 2020 free trial

Cheryl Paul

I purchased Artistic Digitizer in late summer.  I haven't used it yet as every time I open it I get so frustrated that I just go back to Digitizer V5.5 - it is so easy to use and I do not find Artistic Digitizer to be user friendly at all.  I have to be honest and say that I haven't tried and I just don't seem to want to put my time into watching the videos either.

Now having said all that, I am told that the program is very easy by more than our Janome Educators in Canada, but by one of my dealers.  She says her daughter finds it incredible, but she never learned Digitizer 10000 and onward.  Wendy, (dealer) does use it for changing formats and probably some simple digitizing, but I know that she doesn't have the time to go into it extensively as she has a fabric business and the Janome and Bernina dealership and a small staff - Oh and I can't forget the wool and her knitting.  She does take time to breathe though and takes her vacation time and does her "Grandma" duties too - that is important so she doesn't burn out and be of no service to anyone including herself.  She is always there for us and in good spirits - we customers really appreciate that and she survived COVID-19 which is saying a lot in these trying times.

I suggest anyone wondering about Artistic Digitizer, take the plunge and download the "free trial".  It's the only way you will get a satisfactory understanding of the program BUT don't wait to long as it is very time sensitive.  There are suppose to be lots of videos on getting started on YouTube and I know that both Janome Life and Janome HQ (both from Canada) have a YouTube Channel and our educators are second to none.  They kept us busy every day through the summer with so much teaching and information.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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