Re: Quilt Stitches on Skyline 7 Model

Kathy Strabel

Thank you for answering my question. Oddly, at the exact moment that I pressed SEND to post my question, it dawned on me that I should not still be in the UTILITY stitch app, but the quilting app---er, the patchwork app. I spent a few minutes to familiarize myself with this new-to-me feature and I found it to be just OK. My strips are cut 2-1/2 inches wide (factory-cut Hoffman batiks) and even though they are very consistent, I found that sometimes it took 24 stitches to finish the seam, sometimes 28 stitches. I ultimately just sewed all the short seams in the straight stitch from the UTILITY app. My deadline for completion is close, so needed to move on. I was hoping that I could lockstitch, or at least backstitch, then go forward and then lockstitch at the end....then have the machine remember that sequence but apparently this particular mode is not quite that sophisticated? I need more practice--and probably what I am looking for is better suited in the Stitch Creator realm?  Unfortunately, I have not spent time yet to get to know Stitch Creator. But it is on my To-Do List, for sure!!   THank you again for your quick response  Kathy Strabel   Canas WA

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