Quilt Stitches on Skyline 7 Model

Kathy Strabel

Hello- Group--
I am having fun trying some of the features I have not ever tried before. The Skyline 7 manual ( page 82) shows a way that the machine can automatically remember the length of a seam so you can stitch  many of that same (length) size seam automatically. I have installed the "0" foot, made slight adjustments in the pre-set needle position, and started sewing my 2-1/2" long seam, with standard 1/4" seam allowance.   The manual then states that when I stop sewing that seam, the machine remembers the length  and  a message will show on my screen asking if I want to do the SAME SIZE or a DIFFERENT size  (length) seam. However, that message does not show on my screen.  I have about 100, 2-1/2" long seams to do on this quilt, and flash feeding is not an option.   I would love to utilize this patchwork seaming technique on this gift quilt i am making.....any idea why I am not getting the message on my screen ??   I have adjusted my sewing table so I can stand while sewing, and this means I must use my hands a lot more to start, reverse,go forward  then tie off each seam. I am hoping that this "automatic" recall of stitching the same seam length can work for me.  I have not had the time to explore Stitch creator, and I am hoping that will not be necessary to get this patchwork seaming  feature activated.

Enjoy your day, be safe and healthy out there.
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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