Re: Artistic Digitizer October 2020 free trial

Viola Tani

Thanks Lyn,
You have gone the costly way of upgrading, I started off with the original Digitizer 10K and then jumped a couple of upgrades to MB 3.0.  Did you ever had contact with Peter at Janome Stockport, he was ever so helpful, he sent me a full copy of either V 2.0 or 3.0 several years ago just before Christmas so I could play with the software and I could then send it back to him in the new year if I did not want it. The full version of MBX 4.0 was actually given to me by someone so now I could upgrade from either of them to V 5.5 and it would only cost £375.00.  Hatch is quite expensive so I have to think that as well.  Thank you for your input, very useful.  Viola

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