Re: Artistic Digitizer October 2020 free trial

Lyn Quine

I upgraded from v4 Jr to V4 to V5 and V5.5.  Personally I find V5 and 5.5 far easier to use than v4 or V4.  Makes so much more sense to me.  There are lots of free YouTube videos for Hatch  and Hatch 2 which is almost the same as V5 and V5.5.  I’ve not used artistic, and personally I wouldn’t go for it, if I was going to change I’d go to Hatch2 mainly because the support here in the UK would be quicker, with Hatch you go to Wilcom direct with V5.5 we have to go to Janome, who go to Wilcom, and then back to us.  Wilcoms in Australia so it can take up to 36-48 hours for an answer, but if it’s the weekend even longer.  But when I’ve had problems, usually a windows 10 update it’s always sorted, the support is there, it’s just the time it takes.

i am quite upset that MBX probably won’t continue, Janome now have Artistic MBX will be slowly dropped.  Another reason why I’d go for Hatch because Wilcom will push it forward.  Hatch came about because Janome were losing interest in MBX.

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