Artistic Digitizer October 2020 free trial

Viola Tani

Has anyone signed up for this, it starts tomorrow.  I read past messages when it was offered in May.  I am tempted but not really have the time and I am puzzled by the costs.  Full new version of MBX 5.5 costs £ 999.00, Artistic Digitizer costs £ 675.00 so is it anywhere near the same spec as MBX 5.5 or what is missing from it.  I've looked at the comparison charts but cannot see anything obvious.

I have an upgraded MB v 3.0 and a full version of MBX 4.00 so I could upgrade to MBX 5.5 for £ 375.00 if I wanted.  I also have a PE Design Next that I never got used to.  I must be mad to even think that I would want to learn another software.  Any ideas, folks.  Viola

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