Re: Upper Thread Sensor on 500e

Dottie Newkirk

Hi Kathy - It's possible that the thread sensor might need adjusting - your dealer would be the only one to troubleshoot that for you.

Sometimes my thread has started shredding BUT, as long as the sensor still "feels" the thread, the machine will continue stitching even when there is little to no thread in the needle. Dottie in Texas

Hello again,
Am I correct is thinking that if the upper thread breaks while embroidering, the machine will stop and give me a warning on screen that the thread has broken or otherwise  is not performing as it should?   I could swear that would happen when my machine was pretty new. But lately, I have had the thread shred and / actually break a couple times and the machine just keeps stitching along with no thread in the needle, and no pop-up notice on the screen. In the Settings window, the item marked "Upper Thread Sensor" is turned ON. I turned it off, waited a bit, then turned it back on. But no change.   I have attended to the obvious--new needle, holding threads out of the way when starting, etc. But occasionally I turn away from or go to another part of my studio room, and have come back with the needle running but no stitches because the thread broke 3 minutes ago!! Frustrating.   Is the upper thread sensor failure something that the dealer must fix? If so, any iea what the cost would be for the part?
Appreciate any comments
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA
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