Re: Thank you for all the replies and suggestions

Lyn Quine

Unfortunately our machines are computerised but don’t have the computing power of our MACs and PCs. Sometimes it’s the way the designers have formatted the file.  I always take a new design into software to have a look (I use Janome V5.5) but horizon link or Embird or a free download of Trusizer from Wilcom will suffice.  If you only use a Mac then Wilcom have a freebie online version.  If you use the Janome apps on an iPad you can take it into Acudesign to check it’s centralised in the hoop or turn it in the hoop.   It’s good to look at them in software you can watch it stitch on screen and get an idea of how it will stitch on the machine, you can learn a lot from it, see how the design builds etc.  In a perfect world our machines would show us the problems but they don’t and it’s all part of the learning curve.  

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