Thank you for all the replies and suggestions

Kathy Strabel

Janome users---Thank you to all the replies and suggestions regarding why I could not get a design to transfer from the thumb drive to the machine.  It turned out that the design needed to be rotated a half turn because a couple stitches were outside of the limit if the hoop, even though the stated design size was supposed to fit that hoop. Apparently Janome hoops vary slightly from other "standard" hoop sizes.    It is disconcerting when you believe you have done everything correctly and still you are in error, That is what happened.  It would save a lot of headache if the machine would give a warning like:" There is something the matter with your chosen design/hoop combination" instead of just mutely not showing the design that you KNOW is in the EMBF folder.  A pop-up message on the machine's screen would be nice in that case!!

This is a fabulous group, very helpful!
Thanks again,
Kathy Strabel

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