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Vikki Youngmeyer

I work part time in an LQS that sells Westalee rulers. They seem to be pretty “bullet proof”. I’ve not heard of any of them breaking or cracking.



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With a 15000 and a long arm quilter living here, I get 1/4" thick, "long arm quilter" rulers which can also be used on both. Thickness matters...I don't want a thinner plastic ruler slipping under the foot and/or under the needle on any machine. 


I do not have any Westalee rulers at present, so I cannot comment on Westalee quality.  However, comparing ruler brands I do have at the moment, I do not see any 'outstanding' differences in the plastics, rigidity, smoothness, flatness, clarity, etc., between any of the ones we have, or ones I have seen in person. 


- Cat (FL)




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Hi all,
Is Westalee a good brand  of rulers to use for the 1400.   Are there better ones available?

thanks in advance

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