Re: Off topic perspective on our future

martie_in_ca <mjdutro@...>

I was very interested in this documentary.  I am like the daughter that doesn't want a smart phone. I prefer the computer. I do not use facebook except for some sewing and genealogy groups.  My personal account has never been actually opened.  My spouse has Alexa all over the house, two smart phones, a computer, and an iPad. I liked the part in the docu that showed the three guys that could track you 24/7 for everything under the sun, specialize the advertising and make money off me.  I have AD Remover to more or less divert the ads.
Also have you noticed the posture of the 13 to 35 year old's. Have you noticed the lack of proper manners with the device in public.  Have you noticed the lack of civil disobedience by our leaders as well as activists'. I don't need to know anyone's opinion of my daily life or my selfies.
Thank you for letting us watch this in our own private area of our house on TV.        Martie in ca

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