Re: shrinking cut away no show stabilizer

Patricia Ward

Thank you for sharing your test results. I had read that poly mesh does shrink, but your experiment showed how much.
It will be interesting to see how the nylon performs.


On Aug 31, 2020, at 4:48 PM, Charlene Kay Bergren <bergren@...> wrote:

I have conducted a test with “no show mesh stabilizer”.  I cut 3 pieces of 12” no show mess exactly 6 inches wide.  One I left plain, one I steam pressed and one I washed in the sink and let air dry.  The steamed piece and the washed piece BOTH shrunk almost a quarter inch in both width and length.  I was AMAZED.  We had been having trouble with quilt labels and also t-shirts – but I now know why.  I had also completed a tiled Hatched in Africa wall hanging that was absolutely perfect, but when I put some iron-on batting on it – what a mess I had.  Ripped the batting off, thinking that was the problem, but now know it was the no show mesh stabilizer causing the issue.


I have purchased some no show mess stabilizer that is 100% nylon from DIME.  It very clearly says it will not shrink and get softer with each washing.  I have NOT USED IT YET, so have no comment to make on it.  It is the only one I have found – and I have done a lot of searching – that says it is 100% nylon.  The rest are all a combination of poly and other materials – and they do SHRINK!


Will report on the nylon one when I use it.


Kay Bergren

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