Re: Thread question

Cheryl Paul

Hi Sherryl,

Use your “blue” dot bobbin case if you are doing quilting, even in embroidery. I didn’t know this either until I attended an event when Liz Thompson, our Canadian National Education Manager was demonstrating embroidery quilting. I specifically asked her “why the blue dot bobbin” and her reply was: “You are still quilting, but only now in your embroidery hoop.” I don’t do much of this but I now understand that the bobbin needs to be looser when quilting, so that loops don’t form on top of the quilt. However, practice is the key to all things, until we get what works best on our machines.

Let us know how you make out - put up some pictures. I know I’d like to see what you’ve been busy at creating.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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