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I usually use my regular polyester embroidery thread for my machine embroidery “quilting” because my quilted items are home decor such as wall hangings.

I know I was at an embroidery workshop one time and another participant was having fits with her machine with thread and needle breakage.  Turned out that the prior project she had been working on was piecing a quilt with cotton thread and she had forgotten to change her thread kit back out to polyester embroidery thread.  Once she went back to polyester thread, her problems went away.

If you want to use quilting thread, I would recommend slowing the machine down as much as possible and a top stitch needle with a larger eye to minimize thread drag.  And use the red dot bobbin case.


On Aug 29, 2020, at 9:39 AM, Sherryl Doran via <crafttwoman@...> wrote:

I am getting ready to try to hoop a quilt project on my 12000. Since it will be a quilt pattern, not embroidery, which thread would you use, quilting or embroidery? And would quilt thread run ok in the embroidery bobbin? I use Superior So Fine #50 for quilting and Gutterman or Floriani for embroidery.

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