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Thanks Mattes.  I know you are on the group, and StitchBuddy has gotten referenced positively in the past.  I definitely have some things to consider.  I may look at exploring the lightning to USB options referenced in the AcuDesign importing video.

There have just been so many times, I decide midway through a project that I want a different design that I did not grab on the USB and had already shut down my laptop.  I did recently copy all my color charts and project instruction PDFs to iCloud to have them at hand by the machine and that is working out great.


On Aug 28, 2020, at 7:04 AM, Mattes <info@...> wrote:

Thanks for mentioning, Jim, I'm flattered (transparency notice: I'm the developer of StitchBuddy). Maybe a recommendation for transferring designs into StitchBuddy: Once you've activated iCloud synching, a dedicated StitchBuddy folder will be created and every file / folder placed inside  will be synched to the cloud and all devices. So you can use Apple's Files app to copy multiple designs / folders. And with previews of embroideries in Files, designs can be managed and opened from there. Apple calls this feature "Open in place". - Yes, transferring designs to an embroidery machine still requires a USB stick if your machine doesn't feature a direct USB connection to computers (does any Janome?)...

Stay well and healthy, Mattes

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