Re: MC350E error message


Take your needle out perhaps it came loose with the move
 Then turn your machine on and see if the message is still there. If so take to your dealer. The 350 is probably close to 20 years old, may be time for a new machine.  Virginia. 

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From: Judy <judywentz@...>
Date: 8/28/20 8:04 AM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [onlinesewing-janome] MC350E error message

I have been rearranging my sewing studio.  Moved my MC350E to a new location and now I have an error message when I turn it I.  It says to raise the needle.  I raised the needle but the message does not go away.  Nothing works.  Is there a reset I can do or do I need to take my machine to the shop?  It looks nice in its new location though.
thanks for any help anyone can give.

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