Re: AcuEdit question

Jim Stutsman

The AcuEdit app was created in the early years of iOS, almost as a software dongle for the machine. Its iPad storage is limited to the document "sandbox" within the app, so called because it cannot be accessed by any other app. That includes the Files app. To accomplish what you want, you would first make a folder, or better a hierarchy of folders, for your designs in iCloud. Copy your designs to iCloud. Then to use one in AcuEdit, first find it in the Files App, then select it. From there you tap the "Share" button in the top right corner of the screen and choose the option "Copy to AcuEdit" from the list of icons. The catch here is that you will not be able to see the design at all, only the file name. A far better option is to use the StitchBuddy HD app. It provides an easy way to manage your designs in iCloud drive, as well as a lot of editing options. To get a design in AcuEdit, just tap it, then tap the "Share" button (Box with arrow coming out of it) and choose "Open in" to open it in AcuEdit. This has the advantage of letting you see your designs, as well as not tying up storage on your iPad by storing them locally. You do need to set the option to use iCloud drive in StitchBuddy settings, but that's just a couple of taps. An added bonus with StitchBuddy is that you can store designs in formats other than JEF and still open them for use in AcuEdit. There is a free trial for designs up to 1,000 stitches, and a modestly priced option to unlock the full potential. I'm not affiliated, other than as a fellow app developer, but I recommend the product.

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