Re: quilting on the 12000

Cheryl Paul

Sherryl, I used the designs that are in the bunch that come on your sewing machine and also in Horizon Link Suite. There are quite a number of them - I saw no need to purchase others, however, I have done that too. I also digitized a “space ship” to re-quilt a purchased Stars Wars quilt where the fluffy batting fell apart and the horrible backing disintegrated, I put new 80/20 in and a new backing and quilted it with the AQS system. I only thought of that quilt when I was reading the replies this morning, so I guess I have accomplished more than I credit myself doing. I have only taken up quilting because my sewing friends all “quilt”, I really prefer garment sewing, but haven’t done a lot of that since I’ve gained weighed in my time where “numbers” don’t matter.

Give your machine a good workout and practice doing some of this quilting stuff on placemats, table runners and the like. The tendency is to just jump in without practice or learning and expect GOOD results the first time. We have to start with “baby steps”.

YouTube has lots of information - Janome Canada and Janome Headquartes (also Canada) have been really doing a great job of passing information on Instagram and then putting to YouTube during the pandemic - check it out. Also if you haven’t got Jim and Diane’s iPad, iPhone APPS, "My 12000" or "My 15000” or “Footbook” they are worth the purchase, Diane goes through all the items that come with these machines and the Footbook all the feet, with videos to help in the process of learning. I use Diane’s videos all the time to refresh my memory for the things ie: The Binder Attachment, so I use it correctly.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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