Re: Janome 550e

If you mean that you need to adjust the height of the presser foot you should be able to go into setting and page down to that adjustment. Frequently need to do this if going over very thick things

On Aug 18, 2020, at 7:58 PM, SewingRose <newbuild2012@...> wrote:

Trying to think back to my first embroidery machine (currently own a 500E) and remember some discussion about this some years ago, but have never tried it personally as I haven't had the need.  As you realise once the foot is raised then the tension discs are opened, it was decided to slide a piece of card to close the tension discs, you would need to experiment with card thickness until you get it just right. Thinking about it now you would need to leave space for the thread to pass through that area without being hindered.  

Maybe someone else who was around back then remembers this discussion and might have tried it, but I would be inclined to give it a try as a piece of card won't damage the machine, although you will probably need to remove the left end cover....mine stays off the machine all the time anyway, it's easier to check for wayward pieces of thread/lint/etc.  

Please report back as I'd be interested to hear what you try and how it works.  ;-)


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