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According to the advertising, you 'can' put a machine you already own (or, say, a less expensive/straight stitch, etc., machine purchased just for that purpose) on the Grace Q-Zone Hoop Quilting Frame.  But, if you use your 12000, you would not use Acufil or the Janome hoop robotics, since the 12000 will not be stitching/quilting in it's embroidery hoop while it is on the Grace "hoop" frame. 

In fact, you would most likely NOT have the embroidery unit installed on the 12000 while it is on the Grace carriage.  Although I have not seen the width of the carriage published, the 'table' the machine sits on looks fairly narrow and I tend to doubt it would fit, and if too narrow, 'might' even result in damage.

I am not certain if a robot exists (or will exist) that works on that frame, but I have not seen it mentioned in any Grace advertising so far.  Even if a robot does exist to move the carriage automatically, the 12000 has no stitch regulation so you might not be happy with the stitching.  We have a long arm quilter on a 12' frame with a robot installed, but the long arm quilter has a stitch regulator to keep the stitches even while the robot moves the carriage with the quilter on it.

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My dear hubby has hinted that if I want to upgrade to a system that will let me do computerized quilting, as long as it doesn't take all our retirement funds, he would be in favor of it. I keep seeing ads for The Grace Company about a small frame that is 4 1/2 feet wide that might work in the limited space I have. It looks like you can put a machine you already own on this frame. One of the three machines I own is a Janome 12000. I have the Horizonlink and Accu-fil software that came with my used machine. Is it possible to put this machine on the frame and have it work like a long-arm quilter? I am thinking not, since any of the software you open up assumes a hoop is being used. Just wishin' and hopin'.....

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