computerized quilting on the 12000?

Sherryl Doran

My dear hubby has hinted that if I want to upgrade to a system that will let me do computerized quilting, as long as it doesn't take all our retirement funds, he would be in favor of it. I keep seeing ads for The Grace Company about a small frame that is 4 1/2 feet wide that might work in the limited space I have. It looks like you can put a machine you already own on this frame. One of the three machines I own is a Janome 12000. I have the Horizonlink and Accu-fil software that came with my used machine. Is it possible to put this machine on the frame and have it work like a long-arm quilter? I am thinking not, since any of the software you open up assumes a hoop is being used. Just wishin' and hopin'.....

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