Re: quilting on the 12000

Cheryl Paul

Hi Sherryl,

I think that 2 layers of quilt batting is way to much for any magnet to hold. I made a quilt for my 6 year old grandson when he was a wee baby. I had many seams on the top and decided to use a minky backing with a layer of 80/20 quilt batting. I also used the AQS22 hoop. I may have moved up to the 15000 by this time but I did purchase the AQS quilting system for my 12000 when I had that machine. Long story short, I did have the magnets pop off nearly every time, but not all of them. I would pop it back on and keep going. I only had one hooping that was a problem, but that didn’t show up and I couldn’t find it when the quilt was complete - I was going to try and take out the stitching and do it over. It was frustrating, but worth the effort. I don’t think I would have had such a problem IF I’d used a cotton backing. The quilt was just a throw size, much bigger than for a crib. I also did a “Musica” quilt for my son-in-law (he’s has a Masters degree in Trombone Performance) to use as a wall hanging in his music room at home. I don’t seem to remember it having any issues at all and it was quilted much the same way as little Archer’s was. Those are my only big experiences in quilting with my 15000, but I’d do it again, IF the spirit moved me to do so. Lately, I’ve been making much bigger quilts for granddaughters (I have 13 grands), so I’ve taken them out to a long-arm quilter. I will be trying something on a big one soon, as it is quite expensive to take them out.

You do need to invest in the Quilt Kit, if you plan to quilt on your 12000 - believe me when I say it is worth the investment. the cost would be about the same as using an outsider to long-arm the quilt. The process is not difficult once you get into a rhythm of moving the quilt without removing the hoop from the machine. My problem is getting all the sandwich together, to even start the process.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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