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There is a Janome Acufil Quilting Kit for the 12000 (and 14000) that will include the ASQ22 Magnetic quilting hoop, software, and  designs. I have seen quite a bit of variation in prices over time, but if you are interested, you can check with dealers/suppliers for prices and availability.  Acufil can be used for edge to edge (e2e) quilting, and also if you have ASQ22, there is a topper from Designs in Machine Embroidery (DIME) as well...or even ‘make your own’ if you are ‘handy’ or so inclined. The topper ‘may’ be ‘easier’ to use for large quilts than the Janome magnetic clamps...personal preference...the hoop does not need to be removed from the machine...just remove the topper and reposition the quilt. The topper only fits the ASQ22 magnetic quilting hoop. 

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On Aug 17, 2020 at 9:23 AM, <Sherryl Doran via> wrote:

So I have the 12000 and the Horizon software which includes quilting patterns. But I can't use them because the hoops I have including the GR and SQ 23 have those magnetic clips that are supposed to hold the fabric/material to the hoop. Of course, they do not as a sandwiched quilt is too thick for the clips to hold, especially at seams. Is there another way to use the machine, another hoop maybe, to actually quilt on it. As is the quilting software on the machine and in Horizon as well as some I purchased from Amazing Designs is pretty useless. I will soon be ready to quilt two queen-size quilts and have been looking at possible designs to use to quilt one block at a time.

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