Re: ruler foot


Can't help specifically with your machine models but I have a Janome Ruler Work Foot for my 9450, however the needle drop position doesn't line up with the Brother PQ1500SL.  Both machines are high shank and I wanted to be able to use the rulers on both machines so I bought a generic ruler foot on eBay, the seller stated it was compatible and he/she was correct.  I've since done ruler quilting on both machines, but suggest if you get hold of a ruler foot, attach it to both of your machines and turn the handwheel slowly to check needle drop position. 

For my machines I know that Janome and Brother are both high shank, but some feet aren't compatible due to needle drop position...snap-on feet are ok as the adapter is Brother compatible, it's just the screw-on feet.  The generic ruler work feet are much lower cost and clear plastic, they are also height adjustable at the screw due to a slotted area in the foot.  I've got in the habit of doing a slow rotation with the handwheel everytime I change feet...saves breaking a needle andalso putting a hole in the foot!

Hope this helps?  ;-)

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