Re: Inconsistent tension on 1500


Maybe Janome has changed back to the original design in which the little plate can be removed for cleaning the tensioner, if so, I sure would be glad to hear that!
My 15000 Quiltmaker was purchased in the Autumn of 2017, it's the first version of the Quiltmaker editions with the pink strip under the screen. The previous machines had either turquoise or silver strips, and on those machines the cover could be removed for cleaning.
I've looked at my original service manual and it does not have instructions to remove the panel, I just downloaded the most recent online manual and it does not give instructions either, and because it does not, my assumption is that the newest machines still cannot have the cover removed. I could be wrong.
Anyone have a brand new 15000 they've purchased within the last year to tell us differently?

Is this important iformation?
I think so, because if the lint is building up and causing tension trouble we should know if there's something we can do about it ourselves without having to take it in for the service tech to do it for us. Especially in these days when most Janome shops are working completely by appointments only. 

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